Brrbrbrbrbrrrr…need my morning coffee…

But does anyone around here know of where to get a decent coffee ? After being relatively spoilt by being able to get a good coffee from almost any corner cafe in Sydney en route to work, the coffee here just seems…well…crap, for want of a better word. After four months here, I’ve yet to find somewhere that can make a coffee that I can actually say I like.

Is it the milk ? All the milk here seems to taste like it’s had sugar added to it, yet I also need to now add sugar to my coffee now just so it has some flavour.
Perhaps it’s just that your local Spinelli staff member, whilst very friendly and helpful, just ain’t no barista…
I hope I’m not still clinging on to memories of Sydney and I shouldn’t compare the two cities. Maybe I’ll have to contend with a hot cup of teh halia for my morning caffeine hit. In the meantime, I live in hope that I’ll stumble upon that perfect cup of coffee sometime soon.

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One response to “Brrbrbrbrbrrrr…need my morning coffee…

  • Carolyn Chan

    I found it !! A terrific coffee (doubly good as I was hungover) can be found at Minotti at City Hall. The lobster risotto is also fabulous. DON’T go there for the scrambled eggs though – I thought I’d found nivarna – coffee and scrambled eggs on ciabata – McDonalds would do better.

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