Drinks with a view – ain’t too shabby

I love Ann Siang Hill. It’s dotted with cool little bars and shops, and the architecture takes you back to a time when Singapore wasn’t the bustling city it is today, and everything went just that little bit slower. We visited Screening Room last night for a drink on the rooftop bar. It’s been overcast all week in Singapore which has meant that we’ve had a break from the el scorcho weather from the past two weeks.

The rooftop bar is a fantastic space – reminds me of the rooftop bar at East Village in Darlinghurst, just much, much nicer, and with an airy view of the Singapore skyline, and on a Wednesday night, a perfect place to have a quiet drink after work. And apparently you can book the rooftop at Screening Room out, as long as you can guarantee $5000 behind the bar. Not too difficult in this town, when drinks average around $10-$15.
The drinks aren’t anything to write home about, but it’s happy hour till 8pm, which I’m not going to complain about.
Whatever you do, though, go there for the drinks and space, rather than the food. We ordered a food platter, which was a sample of everything they had. None of which was terribly good. The thing that killed it for me was a dip for the crudites which I thought was a mint yoghurt sauce until I tasted what I can only describe as chicken liver pate … sauce. It was all wrong wrong wrong.
Screening Room is at 12 Ann Siang Road Tel: 6221-1694

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