Monthly Archives: August 2007

Happy ending

Tucked away in Cuppage, in a building that’s full of dodgy Japanese karaoke lounges, on the fourth floor, is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants, Kazu. It’s a yakitori restaurant which means everything is skewered and barbequed with special seasonings and served to you piping hot – if you’re lucky, at the counter, straight off the grill.

The restaurant itself is tiny, and the counter is even cosier. Danny and I booked a counter table as we love watching all the food come off the grill, ready to be served to the tables, and deciding what we think we would like from that.

Of course there are our usual favourites – foie gras, for example. And apple and pork – such a great combination. But my favourite that night was asparagus wrapped in wafer thin wagyu steak. Yummers, as Pete would say.

They also have a huge variety of sake, and we tried the “very dry” sake, which to be totally honest, I haven’t had the benefit of drinking often enough to notice, but loved it nonetheless. Served in the best cold sake invention – a bottle that resembles one you’d find in a chemistry lab, with a glass blown centre that you can put ice-cubes in without watering down the sake.

Make silly with the waitresses like we did and they let you try ’em all ! See ? Happy ending.

Eating for Australia

There’s something to be said about the hotel brunch – Asian-style. You just can’t seem to find anything even remotely close outside of Asia.

It’s the perfec way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in air-conditioned comfort.

We went with some friends visiting us from Sydney, the gorgeous Cynthia and Mike, to Mezza-9 at the Hyatt. It’s one of the places I’ve been to a few times for brunch now – I love the ambience of the place. I think the combination of all that fantastic food with freeflow champagne simply makes people happy, and the buzz that you get from all those happy people is infectious.

And happy people want to eat and drink ! The discrete waiters who constantly fill up your one glass of champagne (making it hard to count just how many you’ve had but who’s counting) take care of the drinks.

The food – where do you start ? I guess at the cold seafood section. Deliciously sweet fresh seafood – crab, crayfish, prawns, oysters, weird periwinkle-looking type things. You can accompany these with salads, but to me, a salad is a waste of precious tummy space. And hidden around the corner from the seafood and salad are teeny mini foie gras burgers with a tomato relish – deeeelish (although I could have done without the burger bit !)

Next up for me was something warm – baked ham – the perfect combination of salty and sweet – along with yorkshire puddings which I envy at how fluffy and light they are – I still can’t replicate these at home, much to the disappointment of my husband, and myself. I gave the roast beef a skip but everyone else on my table had it as well and it looked juicy and tender. Nice.

Japanese next – sashimi, edamame, yakitori – all firm and fresh as you’d expect.

I think I took the most trips to the dessert counter. How can one resist the allure of warm bread and butter pudding, creme brulee – crisp sugar coating cracking open to reveal creamy buttery custard underneath.

Muscatel and belgian chocolate ice-cream (OK Danny it’s wasn’t too chocolatey !) and of course the now-ubiquitous (but still divinely satisfying a little of your Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fantasties) chocolate tap. Mike and I wondered whether it would be considered rude to run your plate of bread and butter pudding and pecan pie under the tap.

We were all sitting a little more upright by the time we realised we were the last ones there. And we were all taking shallow breaths from all we consumed. They had to practically roll us out and into the taxi but gosh we left happy.