Happy ending

Tucked away in Cuppage, in a building that’s full of dodgy Japanese karaoke lounges, on the fourth floor, is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants, Kazu. It’s a yakitori restaurant which means everything is skewered and barbequed with special seasonings and served to you piping hot – if you’re lucky, at the counter, straight off the grill.

The restaurant itself is tiny, and the counter is even cosier. Danny and I booked a counter table as we love watching all the food come off the grill, ready to be served to the tables, and deciding what we think we would like from that.

Of course there are our usual favourites – foie gras, for example. And apple and pork – such a great combination. But my favourite that night was asparagus wrapped in wafer thin wagyu steak. Yummers, as Pete would say.

They also have a huge variety of sake, and we tried the “very dry” sake, which to be totally honest, I haven’t had the benefit of drinking often enough to notice, but loved it nonetheless. Served in the best cold sake invention – a bottle that resembles one you’d find in a chemistry lab, with a glass blown centre that you can put ice-cubes in without watering down the sake.

Make silly with the waitresses like we did and they let you try ’em all ! See ? Happy ending.

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