Happy fourth wedding anniversary to Danny and I !

Whilst the wedding seemed like such an age ago, the past four years seem to have flown by (…which is nice !)

Thinking it would be a lovely occassion to visit Les Amis for dinner, I was disappointed to find out that the restaurant is closed for renovations till October 1. Oh well, there’s always next time !

So on a recommendation (or several) from Jon and Luke and Naeema, I decided to go to dinner at Flutes at the Fort. Modern Australian fare in a “natural” setting. Whilst I wish Danny and I could tolerate the heat a little better and enjoy the al fresco dining in what felt like the treetops, I was relieved to be seated inside where there was blessed airconditioning on this stifling hot Singapore evening.

We were sat in a closed balcony – outside all you could see were big leafy trees, but the chill in the air from the airconditioning and the interior decor almost made me believe that I was sitting on the balcony of a beachhouse on a slightly cool night.

Celebration and champagne go hand in hand together for me (well, champagne for any occassion, really !) followed by prompt and polite service and soon we were eating our appetisers. I had a trio of seafood – served a little on the pretentious side – on a long glass plate and balanced on a perspex “holder” for the seafood. The seared scampi and prawn were served on a deep fried nori in the shape of an ice-cream cone. The prawn “ice-cream” cone filled with avocado, spring onion and lemon filling, the scampi filled with a smoked salmon mousse. The lobster tempura was stuck on a stick like a toffee apple. All were delicious, though.

Food envy did enter my mind as Danny graciously shared some of his pan-fried foie gras, served just cooked, and crispy on the outside, with a passionfruit jus. The flavour burst in your mouth – still not as good as we found at Restaurant Balzac in Sydney, one of our favourite restaurants purely because they serve simple pan fried foie gras with a sautern reduction and they only buy best foie gras or must buy from some foie gras Heaven because we’ve eaten a LOT of foie gras, and have only been able to find it there and a little jazz cafe on the Isle De La Cite in Paris.

Happy Anniversary (hic) !!

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