Monthly Archives: October 2007

Tree Layer Pok

Is what my friends and I affectionately call three-layer pork – typically the roasted kind you find in Asian hawker centres and food courts, next to the rest of the BBQ meats – char siew, duck, chicken (and the rest of the spare parts I never want to really think about).

So having grown up in Sydney, where the predominant Asian food is Cantonese (although the scenery is definitely changing to a more Malaysian/Singaporean/Vietnamese landscape), I’m used to the superb roast pork, Cantonese style. The crackling is crispy with just the right amount of salt, the meat tender with marbled fat that allows it to almost melt on your tongue – the contrast of crisp and tender is just unbelievable…when they get it right.
And most places in Sydney do.
Now having come to Singapore, I have been I have to admit a little disappointed at the three-layer pork I have found here – I had originally put it down to leaner pigs in Asia, and have not actually eaten a lot of it since I’ve been here.
There used to be Tiong Baru Roast Pig across the road from work at Shenton Way but sadly, that was replaced by a Killeney Kopitiam and even that’s now been replaced by some other shop.

Lau Pa Sat has pretty average roast pork – I may have to resort to making my own (I need to bribe Kelly’s mum to either make some for me or handing over the recipe). The hunt continues.