Monthly Archives: June 2008

Happy birthday Carol *burp*

So my birthday came around last week. I had grumpily told D that I “couldn’t be bothered” to celebrate my birthday as they seem less celebratory as you get older.

Of course I completely changed my mind on the day itself when I was inundated with calls, emails, texts from the people I love. I totally love birthdays ! It’s the one day a year where it’s completely cool for it to be all about YOU.

By lucky coincidence this year my birthday fell on a Friday, so I had a lovely yum cha with the girls from work at Vivo, then wandered around the shops, and then D came home to take me to dinner.

I had requested to go to Shiro – a Japanese restaurant in Greenwood Ave in Bukit Timah. It’s a little pretentious – the signage is very discrete and you have to RING A DOORBELL and be let in. It’s awfully posh, but I love the smallness and opulence of the decor inside. You forget you’re in Singapore. Really.

The service was really odd. For the 6 tables plus counter (and there were only 5 couples there on a Friday night), there was about 4 staff, who weren’t the most discrete or well versed on the menu, suggestions, sake descriptions as you’d expect of a place like this.

The menu was also deceptively simple – I think you need to go there with a basic knowledge of what you want. Of course D and I didn’t, so we opted for the degustation menu. Although I thought the food was delicious, there was simply so much of it. The portions were full-sized but you got 6-7 courses. And the food also came out at record speed. I think D and I were in and out in 2 hours.

By the time the “main course” came, slices of wagyu steak, I was so full that the thought of eating it actually made me slightly queasy.

From memory…first course was a deep fried shrimp, a teeny tiny fish, sea urchin on top of tiny crunchy yam cubes in a dashi jelly and one other I can’t recall.

My favourite was sweet fish, simply grilled with salt. Deeelicious.

The sashimi was also yummy – fatty tuna is not for me, though.

And the dessert was the juiciest Japanese melon D and I have ever had – it felt like the juice came out of nowhere, and certainly more than could be contained in each small piece. Incredible.

Japanese seems to come up often as a request of mine for special occassions, but I think the influence of Kelly and Joe is starting to make it a more every day affair. Yummy.

**Well there you go. I went searching for some pics and someone mentioned it had closed down. Shame.