A friend decided to have our last lunch with my sister, her husband and their daughter before they flew back to Sydney, at Nanbantei.  At the top of the escalators on the fourth floor of Far East Plaza, I’ve been there for dinner and I would say that it’s a close contender to one of my favourite yakitori bars, Kazu (for both, make sure you sit at the counter).  For lunch, they have bento box specials which looked pretty good.  I ordered the sashimi bento which came with udon noodles.  The sashimi was disappointing – I guess I am lucky enough to be used to super firm and fresh sashimi, this one just didn’t make the grade.  The udon noodle soup was far too salty, and this was with my tastebud killing cold.

If you fancy going, I’d stick to the yakitori, especially the potato and cheese (which is the one thing on the menu that Kazu doesn’t have).

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