Empress Chicken

We picked up a free-range, antibiotic-free and hormone-free Empress chicken from Huber’s yesterday.  I haven’t had easy access to any other chicken than what’s available at Cold Storage and at $22 for this chicken, it’s about three times the price of what I can get at Cold Storage.  And that’s not even an organic chicken, which I was hoping to buy yesterday.

But preparing the Empress chicken tonight for roasting really reminded me why we should all try to avoid cage-reared chicken.

It didn’t have that awful slime that I get with the Cold Storage chicken when I took it out of the bag and the chicken looked so plump-breasted and firm.  Even the shape of it made me think that this chicken had to work at walking around, perching, stretching its wings, and that made a really “nice”, for want of a better word, visual in my head – that the bird had a good, natural life, before it was prepared to be cooked in my oven (I know that sounds odd, but I’m not quite ready to go meat-free yet).

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, one of our favourite TV chefs and a firm supporter (along with Jamie Oliver) of free-range chicken really made an impact with his chicken run series.

Now I am trying to find out if Sakura chicken, which apparently is only available through NTUC, and is hormone/antibiotic-free, is also free-range.

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4 responses to “Empress Chicken

  • Ashley

    I chanced upon your blog while doing some research on Hubers. I wanted to find out if it is truly antibiotic-free and hormone-free.

    You commented on Sakura chicken. I used to buy that but stopped when I noticed they drop the hormone/antibiotic-free label.

    Have you found any other places to buy hormone/antibiotic-free chicken since? Do share 🙂

    • Carolyn Chan

      Hi there. I guess the best we can do is trust the manufacturers and read the labels, which is exactly what you have done with the Sakura chicken. The chicken at Hubers is not packed but I do trust Hubers as an establishment so I continue to buy from them. The only other place that I have found antibiotic/hormone-free chicken is frozen in the health food shop at the basement of Great World City but I’m sure there would be more available in Singapore. Check out the Butcher at Holland V or even the Swiss Butchery ? I think it’s best if you can speak to the butcher to ask. Let me know if you do find anything else – always good to know.

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