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After a wonderful dinner last Thursday at Senso for the first time, we found out that they do a Sunday brunch and were eager to give it a try.

In the middle of the Singapore daytime heat, I was hoping we weren’t going to eat in their lovely courtyard (I’ll keep that for evenings), and thankfully, we were seated inside with blessed airconditioning.  In fact, no-one was sat outside, and that made the ambiance of the inside, cosy and bustling.

The brunch at Senso consists of buffet-style antipasto, entree, dessert and cheeses and you order pastas and meat/fish from a menu on the table.

The antipasto I could quite easily have stuck to.  Nothing fancy, but good cold meats, bruschetta with olive tapenade, marinaded vegetables.  The entrees were roasted pig hock, and a “pork sausage” (that was all they could tell us but it was a very “meaty” sausage with a different texture to what I think of associated with sausages.  It had a very soft consistency almost like black pudding) that was so full of flavour.  A good selection of cheeses were available – the usual suspects – goat, brie, camembert, parmesan, gorgonzola, and a washed rind – which was so soft it was practically melting on the table and for desserts there was a selection of just-on-the-right-side-of-set panna cotta, wonderfully light tira misu and an apple tart on an almond meal base.  There was also a coffee mousse, which I thought was a bit repetitive of the coffee-infused tira misu but nonetheless was light and creamy.

Our table ordered a sample of all four pastas.  As usual, all four came out solid.  The pastas were just cooked to al dente, tossed in basil pestos, olive pestos, bell pepper and tomato sauces.

By this stage we were all too full to even sample all four of the meats and fish dishes, but we caved and ordered the veal milanese which was the standout for the day.  Lightly crumbed and pan-fried, it was so tender it practically melted in your mouth, and the squeeze of lemon cut through the oil with refreshing zing.

The ever-attentive waitstaff were on hand to top up our glasses of prosecco and help out in any way they could.  With the outstanding food and service, Senso is quickly going to become my staple Italian.

Senso Ristorante & Bar
21 Club Street
Singapore 069410
Tel : 6224 3534

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