Il Lido

A comedy of errors occurred on Friday as we tried to enjoy a second dinner at Jaan par Andre.  Long story short, it was a Friday night at 9 and we had no seat in the restaurant despite making reservations. We thought we’d get out of the city and head to Sentosa to Il Lido, where we haven’t been in ages.  Beppe sorted out our late reservation, and when we go there, we weren’t sure why it’s been so long since we’ve been back.  The surroundings are luscious, the vibe chilled and happy, and the food and wine, superb.

We were all starvacious by the time we got there, and perhaps overordered, but to be honest, we did the food justice.

We started with a pan-seared foie gras and caprese salad, along with the white asparagus special, which was served with parma ham and a perfectly poached egg.  The foie gras done to perfection, the caprese salad bursting with tomato and mozarella flavour and the white asparagus was divine.

Seconds was a veal ravioli which just melted in the mouth and the mains for me was whole lobster in a creamy sauce.  The lobster was a tiny bit on the overdone side, but the sauce was light and didn’t overpower the lobster meat.

By dessert all I could fit in was a cheese platter.  A very runny cheese with aged truffles won D over but for me it was the simple chunks of parmesan and a gorgonzola with diced pears.

Despite the food, we couldn’t go past a Masi Amarone 2004 which was so good we stuck to it and polished off the last three bottles they had.

We could barely speak at the end of the dinner because we ate everything that was served to us and we were keen to try Il Lido again for brunch so we could appreciate the beautiful golf course during the day.

Bellisimo Beppe !

Il Lido Italian Dining & Lounge Bar

27 Bukit Manis Road
#02-00 Sentosa Golf Club

Tel: +65 6866 1977

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