No crab at no signboard

My sister, brother in-law and my niece were in town for a short visit and stayed at the Fullerton, so we thought we’d take a stroll across the river to No Signboard for some local cuisine.

Amongst the usual hustle and bustle of that crazily busy restaurant, we ordered our food – sans crab for the first time ever, due to a boycott P made on crabs (it’s too fiddly) and also with my two year old niece, crab would have turned into a food fight.  So what DO you order when crab isn’t the main event ?

We had taken another visiting friend there a few weeks before and truly enjoyed the white pepper crab and ee fu noodles with crab…

The sweet and sour pork was served luke warm and slightly anemic looking, the steamed fish tasted a tad “muddy”, but the rest of the meal was spot on.  Chicken with dried chilli was tender and fiery hot, seafood crispy noodles and fried rice were excellent and we were all garlic-ed out by the snow pea sprouts with garlic.

All a bit hit and miss, a little disappointing when everything should have been good.  But for $50 a head (and with beer served in mugs so cold you get beer icicles forming in your mug) and the superb location, you can’t really go wrong, can you ?

No Signboard
The Esplanade
8 Raffles Ave

Tel: 6336 9959

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