Attempt only if you have a dishwasher: spinach and ricotta cannelloni

I love cooking, and every now and then I like to cook really fidlly and involved dishes – although perhaps choosing to cook spinach and ricotta cannelloni on a Thursday night was a mistake.  I should have left it for the weekend where time was on my side.

It’s got all the makings of what should be delicious – healthy spinach (I’m still on a detox high), creamy ricotta, bechamel sauce, topped with napolitana sauce and then more cheese – but what a messy and time consuming dish it is !  Thing is, nothing every made me think otherwise, and I’m just about to take it out of the oven so I might change my mind after I’ve got a full belly, but man oh man I think I used up every pot and dish I had in the kitchen (and believe me, I have a LOT).

I followed the BBC food recipe (here) if you’re interested 🙂  I made a few changes – 60g butter and flour instead to make a creamier bechamel sauce, and wilted 300g of fresh spinach in a pan (I feel like you keep in the nutrients and flavour more than using boiled spinach)

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