Sole Pomodoro Pizza

Capricciosa pizza

More comfort food, this time, pizza from Sole Pomodoro.

After a night of champagne for D’s birthday, and after reading a post from ieatishootipost on this wood-fired pizza restaurant on Mackenzie Street, all I wanted was one of their delicious sounding pizzas for dinner.

We ordered before we left to pick them up and ten minutes later when we arrived, our pizzas were already cooked and waiting in their boxes for us.  Brilliant.

I had the capricciosa – ham, salami, mushrooms and mozarella, and was surprised to find artichokes on them as well (not a problem because I love them too) and a bit disappointed to find the mushrooms were shitake mushrooms.  I can only think that in Singapore even the best pizza places (for example Da Paolo’s) use shitake because they’re cheaper than button mushrooms, but they tend to be a bit slimy for want of a better word.  Button mushrooms tend to go more dry and crispy around the edges when cooked in a very hot oven.  However I digress.  The base was what I went for, and the base is what I got.  Perfectly crunchy on the outside but the perfect spongy consistency inside.

Sole Pomodoro do not deliver and perhaps I know why – sitting in the box on the way back home, the pizza base in the middle ended up a bit soggy from the steam.  I’d recommend going there to eat it if you really want to enjoy that base. Besides, there really is no match from pizza straight out of the oven.

Sole Pomodoro
19/21 Mackenzie Road #01-01 Singapore 228678
TEL: +65 6884 3671
Open daily from 12.00pm to 11.00 pm

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