For the love of butter

Reflets de France beurre de baratte a la fleur de sel de guerande

Butter is a staple in our household (we subscribe to the mantra that everything tastes better with butter). We once spent a small fortune on a slab of fresh churned French butter from Burrough Markets and it was worth every pound. Eating it unadulterated on duchy original biscuits really brought out the flavour of the butter.

It’s hard to find good butter in Singapore. From our local supermarket we get Australian, New Zealand and Danish butter. Good, but not great. We do get Normandy butter – President, but even that does not evoke the memory of the flavour and creaminess of the butter we had from Burrough Markets. We go to Carrefour every now and then and the last time we went we treated ourselves to some of their Reflets de France beurre de baratte a la fleur de sel de guerande. Pricey, but finally, worth every dollar spent. Again, unadulterated spread on a baguette, the butter, flavoured with French salt (fleur de sel) brought such a big smile to my face.

Reflets de France (translation to “reflections of france”) is one of Carrefour’s private labels, launched ten years ago, and is one of the top 30 brands sold in France.

Beurre de baratte is churned (either with a wooden paddle or by machine – in this butter it is commercially churned by machine) rather than centrifugally made. Centrifusion is more efficient at getting rid of the whey, making it less “soggy” and prevents the butter from going rancid as quickly. Churning, however, is meant to produce a more sumptuous texture.

Silky smooth, with crystals of the salt giving the knife resistance, this butter makes having simple bread and butter a pleasure to eat.

I would even go back to buy the unsalted butter for baking.

Absolutely brilliant stuff.  So happy.

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