Itacho Sushi

Tobiko and toro sushi – flying fish roe and tuna belly sushi

Itacho sushi, a Hong Kong Japanese cafe chain has just hit the shores of Singapore, with one opening at our local shopping centre at Bugis.

Our standards for Japanese, especially after our recent super-gastro trip there, are probably ridiculously high, but I was hopeful that there would be a solidly decent Japanese restaurant which we could easily walk across the road on a Saturday for a quick lunch.

Boy was I wrong.  Itacho offers food that looks and sounds fantastic on the menu, but looks vastly different when it appears on your table, and the taste is … disappointing to say the least.

We started with the prawn tempura, where the batter was quite nice, but the prawns were clearly soaked in soda bicarb, giving them that odd crunch.  We also ordered seared tuna belly sushi, which tasted like it had come from poorly frozen fish and tasted watered down, and tuna sashimi.

Itacho claims to fly some of their fish direct from Japan, and the tuna sashimi was one those that was marked as such in the menu.  It was served to us in thick, unevenly slices, atop grated daikon and with a shisho leaf, but with no other presentation at all.  It was almost like they just chucked the slices on to a bowl.

The tuna tasted remarkably better than the tuna belly, but again, had that watery taste in your mouth.

Proof that all the advertising in the world will bring the customers the first time around but definitely doesn’t guarantee a return visit.

Don’t even bother.



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