More Bistrot du Sommelier

Beef tenderloin with mushrooms in cream sauce and mashed potato

After our wonderful introduction to Le Bistrot du Sommelier, we headed back there again last weekend with some friends, keen to try other dishes.  We recognised chef Patrick Heuberger from Au Petit Salut which inspired even more faith in this gem of a place. He explained that he left Au Petit Salut to open something smaller and more intimate, and he really has nailed it with this charming bistrot.

I ordered the tenderloin in a cream and mushroom sauce.  The steak was tender and tasty and the mash it was served with could not have been silkier.  I would have ordered the Cote du Boef but Patrick explained that the one supplier he uses for this particular dish was sadly affected by the recent crazy weather in Queensland.

Welsh lamb fillet for two with potato gratin

The Welsh lamb (for 2) looked so good it made me wish I ate lamb (don’t ask, I just don’t like the smell of it, but can totally understand anyone who says pork, which I can’t live without, has a similar smell).  It came served with whole roasted garlic cloves and a generous layer of herbed butter on top, and was cooked to medium-rare perfection.

We also ordered the duck confit and the onglet steak at our table which were both also delicious (and we had frites envy from the crispy shoe-string fries that came with the onglet steak) but I think the tenderloin and lamb were the winners of the evening.

Must-have profiteroles

Actually, I tell a lie, the profiteroles we ordered to share between three of us who could squeeze in any more food was the winner.  Crisp, light choux pastry sandwiching large scoops of rich vanilla ice-cream, covered in molten dark chocolate and slivered almonds.  A sweet-tooth’s dream.  And a chocoholics dream.  Just a dream.

If you like rustic French food, this is the place you want to go to.  Just remember to book.

Le Bistrot du Sommelier
46 Prinsep Street, #01-01 Prinsep Place

Tel: +65 6333 1982

Open Mon-Sat: 6pm – 11pm



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