Lee Tong Kee Ipoh Hor Fun

Lee Tong Kee’s signature Ipoh hor fun with prawns and chicken

Coming back from a visit to Duxton Road, I was wandering back through Tanjong Pagar and chanced upon Lee Tong Kee. This restaurant has made traditional Ipoh hor fun (flat rice noodles) since 1948, starting in Kuala Lumpur before moving to Tanjong Pagar Road in 1969 and then to its current location in South Bridge Road.

When I entered the restaurant there was just one table free, and as the door shut behind me, I felt transported to a different era, with the traditional kopitiam decor and my ears filled with the pleasant sound of the chatter of the other patrons while they ate.

Ipoh hor fun are flat rice noodles (Lee Tong Kee serves the Ipoh variety, which claims to be slimmer and smoother than normal rice noodles) that are served bathed in a home made special gravy.  Served with traditional prawns and chicken, this dish really was silkily smooth and disappeared quickly from my plate.

I also ordered their other signature dish – chicken with bean sprouts – also traditional Ipoh cuisine which, although tasty, was not too dissimilar to the taste of chicken you would get at a Hainanese restaurant.

Not worth a trip there, personally, but if you’re in the area, a charming place to stop by for a quick bite.

Lee Tong Kee
278 South Bridge Road, Singapore
Tel: 6226 9417/6223 1896

Open: 10am – 9pm daily

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