Pulau Pangkil

Impressive first view of Pulau Pangkil from the boat

Our good friends recently organised a surprise 40th birthday getaway at Pulau Pangkil – an idyllic private island off the coast of Pulau Bintan in Indonesia.  How lucky are we to be in a region where hiring an entire island is at our disposal ?

It’s a bit of a trek to get there – ferry from Singapore to Bintan, then an hour on a dodgy bus along some very offroad terrain, then another boat to the island.  But once you get there, you forget all of that.

Cooking one of the many dishes for dinner – barbeque satay and chicken wings

The island has running water and electricity, and for the 10 adults we had on the island, there were 15 staff – most invisible, but they tended the “driftwood palaces”, the kitchen, the play areas, and most importantly, lit the mosquito coils.  The entire island does not have airconditioning, but the cool sea breezes and fans in your rooms are adequate and the beds are snuggly wrapped in mosquito netting.

Prawn and bean curry

The food we ate there was spectacular.  Each night there was a different meat being barbequed over hot coals, lots of vegetables and a nice mix of traditional Indonesian cuisine and, I guess more western cuisine.  So it was things like baked hot potatoes and stir-fried tempeh, which gave the entire group good choice of what took their fancy on the day.

Tomato and avocado “salad”

A few favourites during our four day stay was a curry with green snake beans and prawns, a delicious avocado and tomato “salad” that was generously dressed with lime and fish sauce with coriander and mint, amazingly tender snapper fillets – how they managed to cook it and serve it whole, even with a fish basket, is incredible – and satay.

The portions were generous – think we all came back a few pounds heavier, but we left happy, tanned and relaxed (I would have said “chilled” but we were all grateful for the airconditioning in the ferry on the way back).

I didn’t organise it – their site is not the easiest to navigate but here are the contact details:


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4 responses to “Pulau Pangkil

  • Rufus' Food and Spirit Guide

    That sounds amazing. Great photos. I love that tomato salad idea. Avocado and tomato are always so good together. And any recipe that uses mint I love too.

  • Raymund

    Wow that is gorgeous beach, white sand and away from the people. Reminds me of Amanpulo in the Philippines where there are more servants than guests, when you throw something at you back like a candy wrapper in seconds it is gone. Even when you leave your cottage all messed up go back in 15 minutes they are all clean. The food looks lovely too, I like that style, rustic.

    • Carolyn Chan

      That’s exactly the same sort of place Ray – they were so friendly. There’s that part of the earth that covers the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia that has beautiful islands and GREAT diving as well. Lots of fishes in the sea !

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