Blueberry and banana pancakes

Celebrating a very late birthday with a friend, last Friday we went to Overeasy at One Fullerton.  That place has really got it right.  The entire strip of restaurants and bars along there barely has any customers, and Overeasy – an American restaurant – is mobbed.  Then again, Overeasy is run by the same people who also brought Singapore the likes of Loof, White Rabbit and the insanely popular Butter Factory.

The vibe there is excellent.  Great tunes keep feet tapping and the food keeps the tummy lined so the patrons there can drink more and be merry.

And how could you not be – the staff do well considering it was a mobbed Friday night (are my standards lowering from being in Singapore for four years now I wonder), the aforementioned music old skool cool and you get a fantastice view of Marina Bay Sands.

Add to that the pancakes which my friend was determined to have that night.  I seem to be on an unintentional pancake mission of late. Nevermind – I’m more than happy to sample pancakes because I love them. And these were really very oddly great.  Odd because it’s strange to be eating pancakes in an outdoor bar at 10 in the evening (Overeasy serves all-day breakfasts), great because they are well, great. And I think the odd surroundings and timing make them seem even more good.  Three small pancakes, fluffy and perfectly cooked, covered in strawberries or a blueberry/banana topping.

We also tried the chicken wings which were a little greasy for my liking – might sound strange saying that about deep fried wings but Que Pasa/No 5 manages to make them perfectly crunchy without the additional grease, and the battered fish which were more batter than fish.

I’d not go there specifically for the food, but I’d definitely try the pancakes if you’re there.  Add a “giant laser” show (it’s not really, I just wanted to write that haha) off Marina Bay Sands and it all makes for an easy way to spend a Friday night.

One Fullerton
1 Fullerton Road, 049213
Tel: 6423 0701

Open Mon-Thu 11am-2:30pm, 5pm-1am; Fri-Sat 11am-2:30pm, 5pm-3am; also open Sun

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