Tiffin Room @ Raffles Hotel

Keema lamb with pesharawi and cheese naan

In a rare mood for Indian, D and I went to the Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel.  They serve a North Indian buffet which means that you can sample a little taste of many dishes.  Although Little India might offer a more authentic experience, Indian is one cuisine which always seems more enjoyable with a large group of people, allowing you to sample a little taste of many dishes – I think you get the idea.

Raffles Hotel really is a Singapore treasure.  The entire hotel is steeped in history and just walking in through the main entrance almost transports you to a different era.

The buffet has a selection of salads to start with, but really, that’s not why you go to eat Indian, is it ?  Well, at least not me.  I headed straight for the curries – of which there were 8 vegetarian and 8 non-vegetarian.  I started with a plate full of the vegetarian curries to start with, but they were so delicious and filling that I only had space for a taste of the prawn curry.  I love the many bold colours of Indian food, which I think enhances the overall experience of eating it.  It also never ceases to amaze me how they can make one dish (curry) in such a large array of different and individual flavours.  My favourite was the spinach and paneer cheese curry – vibrantly green and deliciously creamy with such a complex mix of spices and herbs.

While we were eating, a waiter came around a few times with a plate of the chef’s specialities.  Unfortunately both were lamb, which I don’t eat, and always wish I did, especially that night, because there were two spectacular (confirmed by D) dishes – one was a keema lamb – a minced lamb dish that was so finely minced and silky that it was almost a sauce.  The second was lamb that had been marinated overnight in rum, and then slowly spit roasted until ridiculously tender.

Curries + papadums + pilau rice + freshly made naan = happy food coma.  Indian craving satiated.  For now.

Tiffin Room
Raffles Hotel
1 Beach Road
Tel: +65 6337 1886

Buffet dinner served daily 7pm – 10pm

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