Master Crab

Master Crab’s salted egg crab

You had better cook a good crab dish if you want to call yourself Master Crab. That’s what I thought when my friend told me where they had had incredible crab recently. The “restaurant” is actually a tze char stall in a coffee shop. Tze char literally means “cook and fry” and it means that you order off a menu that is similar to a restaurant, just in a coffee shop environment.

There is no airconditioning, cheap plastic tables and chairs and fluorescent lighting that makes you feel like you can get a tan while you eat. Absolutely no frills, and where you can call to book a table, but when you get there, you get the feeling that it’s on a first come, first served basis, as this stall is all about turnover.

We were on a crab mission, though – in particular salted egg crab, so luckily it was a cool evening and they had a table for us to eat. We tried to order two crab dishes – salted egg and white pepper crab, but we were told that there was a minimum of two crabs per type of sauce, and each crab weighed just under a kilo.  With just three of us, we thought we’d stick to one (salt egg) and then order other dishes.

Some of the dishes we had were pretty disappointing – the sambal kankong – chilli water spinach – was really overseasoned and overcooked, and the crispy baby squid was too sweet.  The fried rice, on the other hand was delicious. Lots of wok hei (see my attempt at an explanation of this here).

Now to the crab.  I’ve subsequently heard that other crab dishes here are only so so, but the salted egg crab, my goodness, it’s worth it to visit just for this dish alone.

Firstly the crab was super fresh. The meat was flaky and sweet and smothered in a golden yellow sauce that is finger licking good. It’s rich and thick and has a wonderful balance of salt (presumably from the salted egg) and sweet and it is, quite simply, magnificent. I love pretty much anything with salted egg, and I wondered if it was too Asian for D’s more Western palate, but he loved it almost more than I did !

I am now wanting to try Let’s Clap ! At Railway Mall where they apparently do a dry version of salted egg crab. That would be such an intense taste sensation.

So is Master Crab the master of all crab places ? Absolutely, if what (and all) you want is salted egg crab. Leave everything else for another place.

Master Crab Seafood Restaurant
Blk 19 Ghim Moh Road #01-229
Tel: +65 6314 1868

Open Daily 5pm – 10.30pm

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