Your patience is appreciated…


For those of you who subscribe to my blog already, can I please ask you to click on the “follow” or “sign me up” button in the right hand nav to update your subscription?  For those of you who do not already subscribe, well, you can pretty much do the same 🙂  THANK YOU !!

I *think* that will do the trick (fingers crossed).


I’m manically busy at work hence the lack of posts and of course in the middle of the chaos I’ve also decided that I’d like to try naming my blog something a little more interesting than “carolynchan”. Imagination always seems to come late for me…

Anyway, I have created a new blog at but have no idea what this will do to any or all of my links and subscribers, so if I could please ask for your patience, I’ll have proper time to focus on this on the weekend to iron out any kinks.

Cheers !

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A girl slowly eating her way around Singapore and farther afield when she's lucky. View all posts by Carolyn Chan

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