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Mag’s Wine Kitchen (again)

I’ve said it twice already now, I honestly have to say it again, Mag’s Wine Kitchen on Circular Road really is a fabulous place for an intimate meal. Perfect for a small group, and D and I regularly go there on our date nights. We just love it. It’s just reassuringly and consistently great.

The menu changes seasonally and also depending on what Mag brings back from her various travels. The last meal she had just flown in that morning Canadian oysters, which were served with a cucumber mignonette. That lovely fresh salty flavour of the oysters worked so well with the cucumber mignonette – an Japanese-inspired dressing using rice wine vinegar, shallots, freshly grated ginger and finely diced cucumbers.


That evening I stayed on the “surf” and also ordered the scallops, which are a regular on the menu. As always, cooked to order and to perfection with a beautiful char on the outside and juuuuuust cooked inside.

Add a fantastic selection of wines, and you have a perfect meal.

Mag’s Wine Kitchen
86 Circular Road
Singapore 049438
Tel: 6438-3836

Monday to Friday
12noon to 2pm
Monday to Friday
6pm to 10pm

6pm to 10pm only
(Closed for lunch)

Closed on Sunday