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Brussel Sprouts

I have never had the misfortune of eating boiled brussel sprouts and I think that being served this way at many a school dinner has given the humble brussel a bad rap. It would be a shame to boil the life out of any vegetable.

I spotted some at my supermarket the other day and decided that they would accompany our steak dinner.

Simply cut in half if they are large (mine were) or cut a cross in the base so that it helps them to cook through more evenly. If you really don’t like vegetables with crunch to them you can steam them for 3-5 minutes before flash frying them.

Melt some butter and olive oil in a pan, and once the butter is bubbling, pop the brussels in for 5 minutes, tossing a few times, until there are nice brown crispy bits on the edges.

Season with salt and pepper and serve with a good squeeze of lemon for that extra zing.

Brussel Sprouts

With an hour for a quick dinner before heading to the Singapore Repertory Theatre to see a show led us to Brussel Sprouts at Roberston Walk.

The place has a casual ambiance with friendly, efficient staff who served us our ice-cold beers, with our moules frites and vis en frites, the belgium version of beer battered fish and chips.

The batter for the fish was almost ridiculously crispy, the fish inside steamed to perfection without being oily.

Brussel Sprouts
80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-12 The Pier @ Robertson Singapore

Tel: +65 6887 4344