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La Maison Fatien

Delicious charcuterie plate at La Maison Fatien

Tucked away in Duxton road is La Maison Fatien. Serving French bistro classics like French onion soup and steak frites, the restaurant is cosy enough for an intimate dinner for two in the nooks and crannies (it’s in a renovated shophouse) with rooms that would also make it perfect for a group dinner. On our first visit, while we enjoyed the food, it seemed every part of the experience that night had its ups and downs.

The French onion soup was thin in consistency – usually the soup is thickened by cooking flour into the onions before the stock is added. Oddly, this made a difference to my enjoyment of the soup, despite it’s deliciously robust flavour.

The selection of cold meats on their charcuterie plate was also delicious. I get excited when a charcuterie plate offers me something I cannot find myself and this board had three of these – all tender and tasty – it was just a shame that the waiter could not actually tell me what each one was…

The steak for my main which I asked for medium rare came out a little too red even for me, although my experience with the French is that in general, they prefer their steak less cooked than most other nationalities. I’ll have to remember this the next time and order my steak medium.  The fries were excellent – hand cut, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and full of potatoe-y flavour rather than just deep-fried bland potatoes.

The service there is sketchy – they have a French maitre D who is excellent but the rest of the staff seemed intent on filling our wine glasses each time we had a sip, and managing to do it with such a lack of smiling that they looked downright annoyed to be working.

With new restaurants still cropping up all over Singapore, and with always-great French alternatives like Bistrot du Sommelier and Brasserie Gavroche, it would take a “sorry we are already fully booked” from these two for me to go back t0 Ma Maison Fatien. But at least I would go back !

La Maison Fatien
76 Duxton Road
Tel: 6220 3822

12.00 – 2.30pm
6.30 – 10.30pm
Sat 6.00pm – 10.30pm
Closed Sundays

Stellar night at Stellar and 1-Altitude

It was a Friday night – what other excuse did we need to go out for something fancy ? Leaving the plans to D, he booked us a table with what has to be one of the best views in Singapore at Stellar, one of the many, many new restaurants opening around the city.

On the 62 floor of the OUB building, the lift doors open to a large, airy, light-filled, buzzy bistro. I was surprised and impressed that they did not seem to want to cramp the restaurant with too many tables – in fact, I think they could have added another in – but we were seated by the window overlooking the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort, which looked tiny from our lofty view.

The place could do with slightly better acoustics – it was a full house but the waiters had to stoop down to your seated-head level just to hear your order, but the buzz of the other patrons talking added to the lively ambiance. The music selection was also a bit schizophrenic – from drum and bass to freestyle jazz to Nina Simone. By the end of our meal, the music theme had gone to traditional old-style (and I think restaurant-worthy) smooth jazz.

The menu is wide and varied – not really sure what type of restaurant it’s trying to be. Apparently they specialise in charcuterie, so we ordered the charcuterie plate to share, and for mains I ordered the truffle risotto with Maine lobster and D ordered what I thought would be the winner, suckling pig stuffed with kurubota pork, iberico ham with crackling.  There was also a sushi menu, an oyster bar, a seafood and grill.  There’s no real theme to tie the menu together, but we are lovers of cured meat, so we stuck to what we love!

The charcuterie plate turned up on a afternoon-sandwich tea server. Top of the pile was the iberico ham which always is a winner. Second tier was the proscuitto and serano ham – both delicious and not a lot of difference between them, bottom tier had a game terrine)- fairly bland, a rabbit rillette, which was pretty average, the fat on the top was rock hard which made it a little unappetising, and a foie gras parfait, which will always pale into comparison with chef Andre Chiang’s from his days at Jaan.

Turns out I was so happy with my main (which I could quite happily have had minus the lobster), which was perfectly cooked and just so so truffly, I turned down D’s very kind offer of some of his crackling.

The suckling pig was disappointing. Turned out it was rolled around the stuffing but the stuffing was not “meaty” and ended up leaving D wanting more. It just wasn’t well presented either. Hard to explain, and my picture didn’t turn out.  The truffle fries are fantastic – crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside and D told me that if it weren’t for the mega truffly risotto I had had, I would have noticed the truffle oil on the fries.  The mash was also smooth and creamy and tasted…very potato-y.

I have to give them points for trying hard with the service.  The waitress who served us our charcuterie plate listed everything on the plate, but mixed up the hams, and explained that the terrine had “guinea pig” instead of guinea fowl, the waiter who took my dirty unused knife had to be asked twice for a replacement, but they were friendly and helpful.

We skipped dessert to visit the not-yet-ready 1-Altitude upstairs on the 63 level.  Stunning panoramic views from the highest open air bar in the world (for now) amused us for a while while we tried to figure out where things are from a very different perspective.  The bar was not yet built, and the whole setup for now still feels a bit flimsy, but I’m sure once it’s all done it will be a massive hit with the crowds.

All in all, a lovely way to spend a Friday night.

Level 61 OUB Building
No 1 Raffles Place