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Jamie Oliver’s chicken caesar salad (actually it’s all about the croutons)

I love Jamie Oliver, in particular, his approach to cooking – using the best ingredients can make cooking delicious dishes easy.  No fuss cooking.

I have incorporated many of his recipes from his Jamie at Home series into my everyday cooking items, and tonight I made his chicken caesar salad.  The chicken and salad is pretty standard, his caesar dressing is not authentic, in that it is a mixture of anchovies, finely grated parmesan, lemon juice, olive oil and creme fraiche but his recipe for making the croutons is seriously genius.

The croutons are simply made by tearing up stale bread and laying the pieces of chicken and bacon over them while in the oven.  This way, the juices, fats and flavour from the cooking chicken and bacon becomes infused into the bread.  After the chicken is cooked, put it aside to rest, and pop the croutons back into the oven to really crisp up.

Makes a normal salad, something special.