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Le Chasseur

Claypot chicken rice

In the never-ending hunt to find good local food, I went on a recommendation of an ieatishootipost post to Le Chasseur on North Beach Road, just opposite the Central Shopping Centre.

For a place where the main write up was about claypot chicken rice, the restaurant itself is simple (and not at all what I expected from a claypot restaurant) and there is only one claypot dish amongst two walls where the entire menu is printed out, every dish with pictures.  It’s essentially a Singaporean cuisine cafe/restaurant.

Pork hock and ginger in soya sauce

I was impressed that this place advertised no MSG as well as no artificial additives and is testimony to the fact that you can get food that tastes great, that isn’t overly seasoned or with MSG added.

Between the four of us, we ordered far too much, but the portions are small, which means you can get away with tasting more dishes – always a good thing.

Chicken curry

The service is pretty appalling, but the food turned up all at once, which I was pretty impressed with, especially as I know the claypot rice is made fresh and takes 20 minutes whereas the rest (like the pork and curries) would have been made much earlier in advance.

Duck with salted vegetable soup

We had claypot chicken rice (which I have decided I cannot taste the difference between a good one and a bad one and don’t like it enough to continue the search), sambal eggplant, which was tender and not too oily nor smothered in sambal sauce, curry chicken, which D mopped up with toasted bread, pork hock in dark soya sauce with ginger, fall-off-the-bone sweet and sour pork ribs and a duck and preserved vegetable soup.

Sweet and sour pork ribs

All solidly good dishes and despite the number of dishes, we did the chef justice and finished everything on the table.  My favourites were the pork ribs, which certainly had a sweet and sour taste to them, but lacked the eye-squinting punch and ruby red colour that I am used to seeing in other Chinese restaurants, and the soup which was simple and delicious.

I’m very much looking forward to going back again to sample the rest of the food on the menu…walls.  Stay tuned.

Le Chassuer
31 North Beach Road
Tel: 63377677
11am to 11pm daily