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Carolyn’s Fried Rice

Leftovers. A brilliant way of ensuring you get the most out of everything you have, reducing waste. And I love how many cuisines have developed recipes specifically to use up leftover carbohydrates. For Western cuisines it’s day-old bread – think English bread and butter pudding, Italian panzanella, French toast.

With rice being the staple carbohydrate in Asia, the main dish for using leftover rice is simply frying it with whatever else you have on hand. The basics are you need to add some protein and some vegetables. You can keep it super simple or jazz it up – it’s completely flexible. My recipe below is just an example of what I made last night with some leftover belly pork from a roast I made over the weekend.

A few notes:

You almost can’t make fried rice with freshly cooked rice. There’s something about the way the grains separate to take in all the flavours in the pan rather than going stodgy. I actually spread my rice out on a plate and leave it uncovered in the fridge overnight to really dry out the rice. I’ve also tried the healthier option with brown rice, and it’s an individual taste thing, but I think fried rice just works better with white rice because the rice absorbs the flavours better.

You can also just use soya sauce rather than the mix I used below, although the combination of the three sauces, I think, adds a bit more of a complex flavour to the dish, and I think the fish sauce adds an additional hint of umami to the dish.


  1. 2 cups cooked leftover rice – see note above about drying it out
  2. 1/2 cup leftover roasted pork belly – you can substitute this with any leftover meat or even sausage
  3. 2 eggs – I like my fried rice eggy
  4. 1/3 cup frozen peas
  5. 1 tbl oyster sauce
  6. 1 tbl fish sauce
  7. 1-2 tbl soya sauce


  1. Drizzle a small amount of oil over the cold rice and use your fingers to really separate the grains
  2. Heat your frying pan to high, and fry the meat so that the fat renders
  3. Push the meat to one side of the pan, crack your eggs on the other, and kind of scramble them
  4. When the eggs are about half done, add the rice to the pan over the eggs and mix everything together so the eggs almost coat the rice
  5. Add the peas and mix again
  6. Add the sauce (you can add more or less to taste) and fry till everything is mixed and fragrant
  7. Enjoy !

Lip tingling crab at Jumbo Seafood

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Jumbo Seafood at Riverside Point, near Clarke Quay.  Used to be that this was the standard place to bring visitors to Singapore to eat their famous Singapore chilli crab, but since the whole esplanade area has been built up, No Signboard has been a much more scenic  and frenetic location.

A friend visiting organised dinner at Jumbo – it doesn’t seem like the esplanade has taken any of its business away, with incredibly three seatings.  We stuck to the standards – Singapore chilli crab, black pepper crab, homemade tofu and fried rice.  I have to say I’d forgotten just how sweet their chilli crab sauce was – but even that amount of sweetness couldn’t take away the heat of the chilli.  We were warned that the black pepper crab would be spicier still, with the pepper this time adding the heat instead of the chilli, and they were right – by the end of the meal, I could barely feel my lips.

I actually love spicy food, but when the heat takes over all other flavours, it takes away a lot of the enjoyment of eating the food for me.  I missed the delicate sweetness of the crab in both dishes, and was left disappointed.  My favourite dish of the evening was their fried rice, which was surprisingly great!

Not sure I’ll be back there in a hurry.

Jumbo Riverside Point
30 Merchant Road # 01-01/02 Riverside Point
Singapore 058282
Tel: 6532-3435