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Redemption at Inagiku

Seared swordfish and salmon roe sushi

In the need of redemption after our recent disastrous visit to Itacho Sushi, we decided to visit our failsafe Japanese favourite, Inagiku at the Fairmont Hotel.

It was one of those Fridays where we just wanted to eat top quality Japanese food and drink sake, so we chose the seasonal set – that way the decision as to what we would eat would be left to the restaurant and we could focus on the eating and drinking part.

(from left to right) Swordfish, tuna belly and salmon sashimi

To start with we were served delicate home made tofu followed by our sashimi – slices of mackerel, salmon, toro or tuna belly and swordfish.  Ah…the joy of really good sashimi – that clean taste, accompanied with that rich/buttery flavour of the sea.  It’s so hard to put into words just how good it is but let’s just say my faith in Japanese food is once again restored.

This was followed by our sushi dish – swordfish again, but this time seared lightly, tuna and salmon roe.  Seated at the counter, we got to watch the chefs make the sushi, from slicing to hand-moulding the rice, to arranging the fish on the rice, which I think helps you appreciate the skills required to do this.

Teppan-grilled Australian wagyu fillet steak

Australian wagyu fillet followed, perfectly medium rare and served with grilled vegetables and a delicious steak dipping sauce.

Final course before ramen and ice-cream was the tempura.

A little bit of everything, done to perfection, with slightly over-attentive wait staff (who were always on hand to top up our empty sake glasses) meant that we left very happy and slightly drunk.  Wonderful.

3rd Floor, 80 Bras Basah Road
Fairmont Hotel
Tel: 6431 6156


My fab friend Bianca and I caught up on a Thursday night over sashimi at Inagiku.  Tucked away amongst the hustle and bustle of Raffles City, you seem to almost retreat into a cone of silence as you enter the restaurant.

Luckily there was plenty of space at the sashimi counter as I never did get a call back to confirm my reservation, so we happily sat and watched the expert sushi chef at work while we sipped our sake and caught up.

We were presented with a gorgeous selection of delectably fresh sashimi, from scallops to prawns, to toro to uni.  It seemed to almost melt in your mouth, bursting full of the flavour of the sea.

Bianca and I ended up getting quite loud after a few sakes, but despite the elegant feel of the restaurant, the ambiance is still very relaxed and the staff were ever attentive without being intrusive.

If we were still peckish I think we would have ordered two dishes which I had had previously there – flounder, and wagyu steak sushi, where both top sushi rice and are lightly seared with a blowtorch.  Absolute heaven in your mouth and I think what I will have the next time I visit there !

To make things even better, with the Feed at Raffles card, you get 50% off your food and 25% off the alcohol, which eases the pain on your wallet.  What further proof do you need to visit ?

3rd Floor, 80 Bras Basah Road S(189560), Raffles The Plaza
Tel: 6431 6156