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Back to PS Cafe

I’d only ever been to the PS Cafe in Palais Renaissance for tea/coffee and decided to have dinner there with some friends to try to see if the food lived up to the menu.  I’ve always been a bit disappointed with the other PS Cafes’ food.  They apparently gather inspiration from their menus from Sydney (hence the obvious appeal to me) but always never delivered what the menu seemed to live up to its promise.

We were there on a Friday night and it was full and buzzy but the attentive waiters had it all in their stride.  Soothing jazz is piped through the restaurant and the patrons are respectfully quiet enough to be able to appreciate it.

Truffle fries were soon ordered as we waited for our friends to all arrive, and they are the perfect snack to start the evening off with a glass of wine or beer.  Deliciously crisp and wonderfully truffly, we munched on these as we perused the menu.

I was torn between the ribs or the burger and decided on the onion ring burger.  It’s enormous and weighs a ton and is difficult to eat but absolutely delicious.  Juicy and tasty.  My friends who ordered the steak thought that they had had better, but it was solidly OK..

Again, I love this place, for it’s ability to make me feel like I’m far away from the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road (particular around Orchard Towers on a Friday night).

PS Cafe
Palais Renaissance
2nd floor, 390 Orchard Road
6887 2207