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Jumbo Seafood @ SAFRA

Pork ribs in black bean sauce

I was bemoaning to my friend that I didn’t find the time to eat yum cha during my short trip to Hong Kong recently, and she promptly said that this weekend we would go and eat yum cha (or dim sum as it’s called everywhere I know other than Hong Kong and Sydney) at the SAFRA outlet of Jumbo Seafood.

Yum cha starts at 10am and the menu is limited but all the usual suspects are there in the menu – from prawn rice rolls to siew mai or pork dumplings and pan-fried carrot cake.

There are a few of the usual Jumbo Restaurant items that were on a separate menu – fried rice and noodles, and also salt and pepper whitebait and fried fish skin.  Now I wonder if your face when you read “fried fish skin” was the same as mine when I read it.  However, this is just another reason why you have to just take the plunge sometimes and try new things.  My friend actually arrived a little late as she was picking up her brother who had just run the Standard Chartered marathon, and ordered this dish.  It turned up exactly as you would expect it to, and there was absolutely none of the expected fishiness when you ate it.  Just crunchy, lightly floured and seasoned, thin pieces of wafer thin skin.  For those of you who have had the luxury of eating pork scratchings, it weirdly reminded us of that !  Go figure.

Fried fish skin

And the other two outstanding dishes were the char siew pau – steamed pork buns, and the char siew soh – char siew in a sweet flaky pastry.  The dough of the steamed pork buns was light and airy and the overall taste wasn’t overpoweringly sweet or heavy.

Char siew pau

After lunch you can take a wander around the resort grounds.  All in all, a very relaxed way to experience pretty great yum cha.

Jumbo Seafood @ SAFRA
National Service Resort & Country Club
10, Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 499739

Tel: 6552 3435
11.30am to 3:00pm (lunch daily)
Last order at 2:15pm
6.00pm to 10.30pm (dinner daily)
Last order at 10:15pm

Lip tingling crab at Jumbo Seafood

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Jumbo Seafood at Riverside Point, near Clarke Quay.  Used to be that this was the standard place to bring visitors to Singapore to eat their famous Singapore chilli crab, but since the whole esplanade area has been built up, No Signboard has been a much more scenic  and frenetic location.

A friend visiting organised dinner at Jumbo – it doesn’t seem like the esplanade has taken any of its business away, with incredibly three seatings.  We stuck to the standards – Singapore chilli crab, black pepper crab, homemade tofu and fried rice.  I have to say I’d forgotten just how sweet their chilli crab sauce was – but even that amount of sweetness couldn’t take away the heat of the chilli.  We were warned that the black pepper crab would be spicier still, with the pepper this time adding the heat instead of the chilli, and they were right – by the end of the meal, I could barely feel my lips.

I actually love spicy food, but when the heat takes over all other flavours, it takes away a lot of the enjoyment of eating the food for me.  I missed the delicate sweetness of the crab in both dishes, and was left disappointed.  My favourite dish of the evening was their fried rice, which was surprisingly great!

Not sure I’ll be back there in a hurry.

Jumbo Riverside Point
30 Merchant Road # 01-01/02 Riverside Point
Singapore 058282
Tel: 6532-3435