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Wild Honey

The English breakfast at Wild Honey

Over Chinese New Year dinner our friends told us about Wild Honey, a cafe in the Mandarin Gallery, where you can get breakfasts from various cities/countries around the world.  Sounded interesting enough for D and I to get to Wild Honey at 10am on a Saturday.

It was already packed when we got there.  This cafe caters to the expat community on the other side of Tanglin and it was full of people chatting happily in different languages over lots and lots of food.

Wild Honey serves breakfast all day, every day.  And from their menu you can select a breakfast from destinations like Belgium (Thick fluffy waffles served with coconut cream, grilled mango, blueberries and toasted coconut), Switzerland (Home made bircher muesli with organic yoghurt and seasonal fruits), Californian (Eggs softly scrambled with tofu, yellow and red peppers, fresh herbs on char-grilled ciabatta and Japanese (6 omelette balls filled with smoked salmon and garnished with wasabi mayonnaise. Served with sushi rice and wake salad).

Of course D and I had the English breakfast (if it ain’t broke…) – which comes with creamy scrambled eggs (although I asked for mine fried), pork sausage, sauteed mushrooms, dad’s baked beans, bacon and vine ripened tomato with toasted brioche.

When the plate comes, it is almost overflowing with food.  The servings are huge, so go when you’re hungry, or prepare to leave a lot behind.  I am not sure brioche is the right bread to have with a fry up – it’s almost too fancy, as I also thought with their mushrooms.  These were really really garlicky (I love garlic but not that much, or so early in the day) and I just remembered that there was also sauteed potatoes, which were equally garlicky.  I never thought I would turn potatoes down, I pretty much love them any way they are served, but again, these were overpoweringly garlicky.  The beans on the other hand, were awesome.  I couldn’t get enough of them – clearly home made, not overly seasoned or spiced.

If you’re going to pile that many things on to a plate, make sure they all work together, and don’t have each fighting for prime position.  Maybe the other destinations would work, but for me, so far, the best fry-up in Singapore is in our apartment on weekend mornings (although I may be biased).

Wild Honey
#03-02 Mandarin Gallery
Orchard Road
Tel: 6235 3900

Open 9am – 10.30pm Mon – Fri (open from 8am Sat and Sun)
Get there early if you don’t like to queue

Holy moly Ippudo is hands down the best ramen I’ve had

Now I haven’t actually had that much, but I’ve been wanting to go visit Ippudo Singapore (the story here) since I read about it in some random magazine, and finally today got to have an early dinner with D and N. No bookings, small restaurant, all guests at your party need to be present before you can be seated – all recipe for disaster if I’m hungry.

Thankfully we got there bang on 6pm and think we just missed the crowd – by 7 when we left the queue was already 40 people long. Insane. You would think.

Ippudo isn’t exactly the place where you are going to have a relaxed and chilled meal. But then again, you don’t go there for that, you go there for the phenomenal ramen. And gyoza, because we’re greedy.

The stock is burstingly rich with flavour, the noodles are “to order”, soft, medium or hard (we ordered medium which started off a wee bit too hard but by the middle of the dish it was perfect) and it’s now a few hours later and I don’t have that MSG haze or a screaming thirst.

Just fan-bloody-tastic ramen. If you can be bothered getting there super early – otherwise I’d expect to wait maybe 45-60 minutes, or perhaps a late lunch on the weekend ?

Staff are friendly and attentive and efficient – what more could you ask for ?

I also want to explore a bit more of the 4th floor of the Mandarin Gallery – there looked to be some nice cosy little places to have tea, and there’s a Jones the Grocer there, so I don’t have to go all the way to Dempsey now.

Ippudo Singapore

Mondays to Saturdays
Last order at 10pm

Last order at 9pm

Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238867
Tel: 6235 6797