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The famous Tuscan soup, ribollita

Tuscan fare is almost absurdly good. I love that many dishes often have peasant roots, utilising inexpensive, bountiful (in season) ingredients that all come together to make delicious rustic meals.

Ribollita is a perfect example of this. A hearty soup made with leftover bread, cannellini beans and stock vegetables.  Ribollita translates to “reboiled” and was originally made by reheating leftover vegetable soup from the previous day.

It’s deceptively filling, probably because of the bread, but is such a delicious way to start a meal that every dinner I had to order it.

Comfort food for when I’m feeling poorly

If it isn’t congee, it’s definitely a comforting soup. I stocked up my fridge yesterday so it was satisfying stuffed full of colourful vegetables. I’m not exactly sure what I was intending them for, I rarely buy groceries which are not required for meals that day, but perhaps I had already subconsciously decided I was going to make a minestrone.  Original recipe from my trusted bible the Cook’s Companion by Stephanie Alexander, I also happened to have some bacon bones in the freezer.
Slurping and enjoying the tomatoey vegetably goodness now…and then back to bed.