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Mr Chows

Shredded crispy duck pancake

Why isn’t shredded crispy duck available in more restaurants ? To our knowledge it’s available in just one restaurant in Sydney, and none in Singapore.

Mr Chows is tucked away in the quiet end of Kent Street in Sydney, near the Rocks.  It serves Peking cuisine, most importantly, shredded crispy duck.  Apparently this dish is quite popular in the UK, which might mean it’s not really authentically Peking (I’ve never had it in China) but I don’t really care of its authenticity, it’s delicious ! Essentially it’s half (or whole) duck seasoned with aromatic five spices and deep fried, then shredded at your table, to be served in thin pancakes with slivers of spring onions, cucumber and hoisin sauce.  Think classic Peking duck, where it’s just the skin that’s served in the pancake.

Crispy beef strips

If you ever go to Mr Chows, make sure you also order the crispy beef strips – thin strips of beef and carrots, lightly battered and fried, and tossed in a sweet, almost honey sauce.

Anyone know of where in Singapore you can get this dish, please let me know !

Mr Chows
33-35 Kent St
The Rocks
Sydney 2000
Ph: 02 9252 3010