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Burrata and white truffles

 Burrata with tomatoes, shaved parma ham and rocket

Just two things that my friend told me she had eaten at No Menu, and enough for me to want to go to there as quickly as physically possible. For what better things are there in the world than cheese and truffles ? OK there’s wine and chocolate as well, but this was soon after we got back from our Italian holiday and we were still on a roll.

So off to No Menu we went.

Tagliolini with freshly shaved truffles

And the two things we ordered (that are off-menu but the most ordered dishes in the restaurant) were: no surprises, burrata to start, then a parmesan risotto for me and home made pasta for D, both liberally covered in thinly shaved white truffles.

The family-run restaurant is full of Italian warmth and hospitality with Osvaldo Forlino walking around throughout the evening to chat with guests.

Dinner cost a bit more than we expected (just note if you go there, they charge you by the gram of truffles you order, but if you don’t tell them to stop, they’ll keep on shaving), but the whole experience, especially as the truffles release their pungent aroma as the slices hit the warm food, made it well worth it.

And while white truffles are still in season and with us going next week, it’s going to be hard to not order the same again.

No Menu
23 Boon Tat Street
Singapore 069621
Tel: +65 6224 0091

Mon–Fri: 11.30am–2pm, 6.30pm–10pm
Sat: 6.30pm–10pm
(Closed on Sun)