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Brilliant bedrock

If you want a really really great steak in Singapore and can’t get to Mortons, go to Bedrock. Tucked away in a quiet enclave behind 313 Somerset, this gem of a restaurant has it all. Delicious, tender, perfectly done steaks (where you can order roasted marrow or pan-roasted foie gras on top), iberico ham, well mixed cocktails and discrete but attentive staff who seem to understand, well, service.

Unlike Prime Society, it has a solid understanding of ambiance, and manages to create a cosy, warm ambiance that makes you, well, want to be there. And their truffle mash, which has a heavenly aroma of truffles, has a perfect consistency, unlike the glue-type consistency of the one at Prime Society.

I couldn’t find two more different restaurants and I’m very very very glad that we found Bedrock. Hurrah !

Bedrock Bar & Grill
96 Somerset Road
#01-05 Pan Pacific Service Suites
6238 0054