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Salt Grill at Level 55 Ion

Passionfruit and banana soufflé with a marscapone sorbet

I love this place for more than the food. They’ve done such a superb job of making you feel like you’re somewhere special, from the strange entrance through an art gallery to a starfilled private lift area and lift that takes you to only one floor – 55. And from that darkness you enter a spacious room that is flooded with natural light.

The food though, is the real reason to go to Salt Grill. Previous visits gave me enough incentive to try new dishes. This time, a roasted gnocchi with pork and fennel sausage, and his signature dessert, a liquorice parfait with lime.

Roasted gnocchi with pork and fennel sausage

I don’t normally choose gnocchi – I find it a bit too doughy and heavy for my liking, but I loved the sound of it with the sausage and was delighted to find that the dish was lightened with the addition of brocolli tips/flowers and pangritata.

Pangritata is a Southern Italian stroke of genius. Modest ingredients – stale bread, herbs, garlic and anchovies or olives, fried until crisp and golden. It gave the dish a completely different texture normally associated with gnocchi and was delicious with a cold glass of pinot grigio.

Luke’s liquorice parfait with lime

Then to desserts. I couldn’t help but share a photo of my friend’s dessert above – a banana and passionfruit soufflé with a marscapone sorbet just because it looked so damn good. For my dessert, I again ordered something unusual – liquorice parfait served with a sweet tuille and lime syrup. It’s one of the strangest combinations that I could think of for a dessert. And yet somehow, the creamy, slightly anise flavoured parfait worked wonderfully with the sweetness of the lime syrup and the sharp tangy bits of fresh lime. Still not sure I would order it again, but it sure is unique.

I think I really should try this place out for dinner just to experience what would be a completely different ambiance and menu.

Salt Grill by Luke Mangan
Level 55 on ION Orchard. Lift entry is on Level 4
Tel: 6592 5118