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Positively Positano.

Positano is truly breathtaking, but no-one tells you that for all its beauty it’s a bit of an effort getting around, but I guess that’s part of its charm. We stayed around the corner from the main part of Positano at La Rosa Dei Venti and for me there’s always that first step into any hotel room that makes me go “did I do good?”. The room was perfectly adequate – until the porter opened up the doors to our balcony. The view from that balcony was absolutely spectacular. Once we settled in, we took the “easy” 400 steps down to the beach, which lead to the main part of Positano town. There are no piazzas to speak of, just a small winding pathway – reminded me of Ikea actually but with less plastic furniture. The town itself is very very touristy, which, after Amalfi, was a little in our faces. We wandered around a bit and then realised we had to trek those 400 steps back up to our hotel. BUNS OF STEEL. Or at least burning buns.

Breakfast was served on our private balcony. I honestly cannot think of anything more idyllic. Breakfast could have been horrible (it was not) but in that setting, it was delicious.  I recall absolutely perfectly cooked soft boiled eggs – white was cooked, yolk just on the right side of googie.

We wandered around the next day, snuck into the Hotel Sirenuse to see where the rich and famous stay and ate that night at San Pietro. To be honest, the food was great, but nothing to write home about but the experience was again, magical (apart from the main hostess who had body odour !). Pre-dinner drinks were served on the balcony at sunset with crudites, which was probably my favourite part of the evening – it was meant to be relaxing but the anticipation to find out what more this restaurant had in store for us was almost overwhelming. I do recall a perfectly cooked fillet steak that we enjoyed with a lovely bottle of Amarone and D started his meal with a chilled tomato soup with a basil pesto and deep fried courgette flower which was so delicately flavoured and worked so well together.

A short day trip to Capri was made happy with being on those incredibly coloured waters and then a HUGE crusty roll of freshly shaved ham, mozarella and roma tomatoes….a yummy way to end the trip.


La Rosa Dei Venti
Via Fornillo ,40
84017, POSITANO (SA)
tel :+39.089.875.252

Il San Pietro di Positano
via Laurito, 2
84017 Positano – Italy
ph. +39 089 875.455