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RIP Sebastian 1998 – 2011

Sebastian doing his best E.T. impression

This may seem a little out of place on this blog, but my cat/friend/companion of 13 years, Sebastian passed away two nights ago and I wanted to say goodbye to someone who always kept me company whenever I cooked.

He was the kitten of an abandoned cat and I recall one day a little black kitten with a perfectly symmetrical white patch down from his mouth to under his belly and four white paws came to visit me in my office. My grandmother once commented that it looked like he had just stepped on snow.

Never having owned an animal before, this was completely new territory for me, beginning with naming him. He actually started his first week living with me being called HUDSON (Hey You Don’t S@#! On Nothin’) but after a week that changed to Sebastian Morpheus Chan. Sebastian, because I liked the name, Morpheus because he used to sleep a LOT (and often in places we would have difficulty finding him), and Chan because, well, that’s my surname.

He was a playful and cheeky kitten, and as he grew up he became more aloof, as most cats do. A lot of my friends have met Sebastian, but often only because he would appear at the end of the evening, seemingly out of nowhere, in search for some supper and a whisker scratch. Which meant that the choices he made to sit/lie/sleep near – or on – D and I, were all that much more special.

He had such strangely endearing habits, like coming to bed with us and after settling down on all fours sphinx-like, almost throwing himself upside down and really tucking his head under our chins. Made us uncomfortable as hell, but feeling him so relaxed and happy meant that he won the battle of who’s the-most-comfortable each night. And then for about 3 months earlier this year he took to coming to sleep next to me, with his head on my pillow. D didn’t believe me till one night he came upstairs to find us both asleep, nose-to-nose. For those of you who are allergic, this is probably already making your eyes itch and water, but again, with Sebastian, that sort of affection coming from him was a real treat and oh-so-special.

He was also the only cat I’ve met that you can feel stretch. As in, when he woke up, you could put your hands under his front paws, lift him up, and stretch him. And you could feel him stretching every part of himself, right down to him spreading his little “toes” apart. D appropriately calls it the “transformer stretch”. His paws (and the top of his head) were always my favourite.

He begrudgingly accepted it when we bought him a sister five years back, and while they have never been BFFs, I caught him calmly walking up to her while she was sleeping, and, completely unprovoked, gives her a right hard spank on the head. Llllet’s get ready to ruuummble !!

He was my handsome boy. And I miss him dearly. RIP Lambchop. I know you’re still watching over me while I cook.