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My birthday at Marque

With me being in Sydney the week after my actual birthday, and with no real desire to visit any restaurant in Singapore at the moment, I asked D if I could have my birthday dinner at Marque in Sydney. Been wanting to go there for a while now, and am glad I finally did.

Perhaps it’s the entire change in the vibe of eating out in Sydney – where in Singapore the average Singaporean has access to the local food, there are cafes and affordable restaurants all over town that are not going to break the bank so much that it becomes a once a week/month/occasion sort of thing.

Marque is unassuming and I think deserves to be voted best restaurant in Sydney last year simply because the food is amazing, and the service is absolutely top notch. EVERY ONE of the staff there are attentive, seem to know every customer in there and absolutely everything there is to know about the food without actually being in the kitchen and cooking it. They are attentive without being obtrusive and efficient and polite and friendly and just…great.

The food speaks for itself. The flavours of my entree – thinly sliced bluefin tuna, over a lightly whipped creamy mousse of foie gras on a slice of brioche was so delicately flavoured that you almost needed the “pork crackling” – crushed up pieces of crackling – sprinkled liberally over the top of the fish, to add texture and salt to the dish.

The duck I had for main has to be one of the best ducks that I have had, and I have had a lot of duck. Served medium with super crispy skin (because let’s face it, the skin’s always the best bit) and roasted jerusalem artichoke hearts and a hearty serving of thick whipped potatoes which were divine, was a wonderful meal.

It didn’t end (or start, actually) there – we were first presented with an amouse bouche, which was a warm egg yolk served in the shell with cream whipped with four spice with crostini crusted with salt.

Before dessert we were served with a sauterne custard with a caramel topping, the most posh creme caramel we have ever tasted.

Dessert was the winner for me. D ordered the chocolate mousse which was incredibly rich yet light and served with mousse “ecrase”, which was bits of a larger chocolate mousse that chef Mark Best had frozen with liquid nitrogen and then “crushed”. My “lemon tart” was served to me looking like a giant yellow egg on crushed oreo biscuits and when cracked, revealed an also liquid nitrogen treated inside of marshmallowy, icy tartness. It was incredible.

We were so full after that we were really struggling to finish the petit fours they served, but it was explained that the chef wanted us to end our meal with four flavours – sweet, sour, salt and bitter. First was an apple jelly crusted with lime sugar, second white chocolate with lemon juice encased inside, third (our favourite) was dark chocolate with a salt caramel inside and finally a sweet that had amara, an Italian herb liqueur. It was the perfect way to end a perfect evening.

Thanks D !

4/5 355 Crown Street
Surry Hills
+612 9332 2225