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who’d have thought?…

…that tucked away on the second floor of Palais Renaissance would be the best cafe in town?  PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance has got to be one of the tai tais’ best kept secrets, because honestly who else would go to Palais Renaissance (except perhaps to go to Marmalade Pantry).

I was meeting a friend there who was running late, so I had the luxury of time to settle in and really soak in the ambiance of the place before she arrived.

I was transported into a different world.  A mix of a French bistro (or even Kong in Paris), and an English sunroom where one would drink tea in the afternoon (I think epitomised by the scene in My Fair Lady where Prof. Higgins goes to his mother’s house and finds Eliza having tea there with his mother). Very schizophrenic when I write it down, but the place just … works.

High ceilings, lots of glass, street-cafe furniture, classical music and GREAT tea (and apparently also great coffee) make this a place that I would be happy to retreat to, again and again.  I didn’t get to try any food, but they did have the now-ubiquitous truffle fries on the menu so at least I know I’ll be sure to like one more thing there.

PS Cafe

390 Orchard Road
#02-09A Palais Renaissance

Tel: +65 6887 2207