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Two brilliant ways to use a tub of plain yoghurt

Make raita and use it to marinade the chicken for Nigella Lawson’s Ritzy chicken nuggets.

For the raita, heat a tablespoon of oil until hot. Add half a teaspoon of mustard seeds and half a teaspoon of cumin seeds and fry till they pop. Take off the heat, add in a teaspoon of cumin powder and a pinch of cayenne pepper and set aside to cool.

In a bowl, mix about a cup of yoghurt with a grated medium sized cucumber, skinned and deseeded, and a handful of finely chopped mint leaves.

Add the cooled oil mixture to the yoghurt, mix, and pop in the fridge for the flavours to combine before serving with a variety of any Indian curry – we had it with briyani.

For Nigella’s Ritzy chicken nuggets, cut a chicken breast into strips, and simply coat and marinade in the yoghurt, overnight if possible. The culture in the yoghurt breaks down the protein walls in the chicken and makes it oh-so-tender.

When you’re ready to cook, grab a bag of Ritz crackers (or any type of cracker you have available), bash into crumb-like texture, and use to coat the chicken strips. You can add herbs or parmesan to the mix for additional flavour. If you’re using plain crackers, you may need to season the coating.

Once done, lay strips out on a baking sheet-lined tray, pop into a hot oven (200C) for 25 minutes, turning the strips over once, until golden and crispy.

Serve with a fresh salad, we did parmesan and rocket.