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One of my most favourite things in the world


You can pretty much serve pork to me any way and I’ll eat it with gusto. Roast it, so you get crispy, crunchy crackling, stewed pork belly so that it melts in your mouth, grill it with hoi sin sauce, give it to me as ham, or as everyone’s favourite (religious persuasion excepted) BACON.

I went to The Butcher in Holland Village yesterday en route to visiting a friend to watch the Bledisloe Cup (please note here that I used it as a good excuse to pop in to say hi, rather than actually going to watch the game, but I’m glad the All Blacks won, for Luke’s sake). I like The Butcher over the Swiss Butcher, not only because a) The Butcher is near where our friends live and so gives us an excuse to buy meat whilst visiting them (or vice versa), and b) because it’s good old fasioned Aussie meat. Makes me feel all homely and comfortable buying meat that I know grew up breathing the same air in the same country that I did (morbid, I know).

So I get the butcher to cut me a generous piece of pork loin, bone out. It comes to me all juicy and fat, and is currently seasoned with finely chopped rosemary, crushed fennel seeds, salt and pepper, and roasting happily in the oven with potatoes and onion roasted in balsamic vinegar. Can’t wait for dinner-time !