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Graze at Rochester Park

It’s been probably about three years since I heard about the Rochester Park area and also about Graze.  Figuring it was high time to rectify this and also impressed that Graze was still around in a very fickle and ever-changing landscape, we went with some friends last Saturday night.

The restaurant is an old black and white, and it had been raining, so unfortunately the bar area outside was damp, so we chose to sit inside (also where there is airconditioning).  The mozzies were still out in full force, but delightfully, the restaurant was able to give us some mozzie spray so we could enjoy our meal buzz-and-bite-free.

The meal itself was outstanding.  I had the tuna sashimi, fresh, thinly sliced tuna around a wasabi and dashi panacotta in a mirin soy.  I so regret not taking a picture but the flavours and textures worked so well together.  D had the tiger prawns three ways with our favourite being pan-seared and served with a chilli, coconut and coriander sorbet with cucumber oil.  Absolutely stellar.

For mains how could I steer away from the restaurant’s signature dish of crispy hand rolled pork hock with a bean shoot salad and redcurrant chilli caramel.  Thin, crispy, marinaded pork hock almost melted in your mouth,

I would however, not fully recommend Graze’s desserts, which were sadly disappointing given the standard of the entrees and mains.  We ordered three to share at our table between four of us. We tried the pavlova (which turned out to be a meringue instead, so missing the light fluffy lightness of egg whites encased in a crisp outer shell) – although the passionfruit sorbet that it came with was bursting full of passionfruit tartness.  We also tried the apple tartin that was accompanied on the plate with a slice of blue cheese and a balsamic reduction which should have all worked but really didn’t.  And finally (the winner of the desserts) was a chocolate tart that was served warm and runny, like a fondant.  That was served with a mint sorbet which again, should have worked, but didn’t.

The menu at Graze and the splendidness of our meal had us interested in going back for more.  I would definitely utilise valuable stomach space by skipping dessert though.  See you again soon !

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Schweet breakfast idea

I always roast more potatoes than I need – I don’t really know why, and generally I use the leftovers to thicken soups the next day.  At breakfast this morning at the FCC Angkor, D ordered a manchego cheese, potato and roasted garlic frittata.  What a wonderfully light and fluffy way of using up leftover potatoes!  Sweat some onions in a small frypan on low heat, add in garlic, and then add a mixture of egg, mashed potato and grated cheese (parmesan would be good), cook till the bottom is set, and then pop under the grill till the top is cooked.

You could fry up some bacon after the onions and garlic to make it a true breakfast as what is breakfast without bacon ??