UK feasting

AMAZING lamb chops at L&L’s BBQ extravaganza

I love visiting D’s family in the UK. It’s always about non-stop catching up over food, with discussions about what to eat next, over endless cups of tea between meals, and often with one (or several) of Mummy May’s Sausage Rolls.

I’m also going to share photos of just a portion of the food that we consumed at L&L’s all-day “grazing” BBQ on a gorgeously sunny and warm Autumn day. We really lucked out with the weather on this trip. The temperatures we had in the UK were higher than they had in Summer ! Made tucking in to all that food even more enjoyable.

Mummy May’s sausage rolls

But first, those sausage rolls I was talking about earlier. It’s a serious challenge to eat just one of these. Must be because they’re made with chestnuts, and with added love (awww).

The recipe is not all that different from my recipe, but little changes make all the difference ! For a start, she uses a block of pastry rather than ready-rolled sheets, which give it a more rustic and thicker pastry (that you can adjust to your taste), and also adds chopped chestnuts. It’s amazing how those little nuggets of sweet nuttiness make the whole thing zing in your mouth.

She made heaps of these in readiness for our visit and they were pretty much snacked on throughout each day.

That is, except on the day we visiting L&L’s gorgeously renovated home for a BBQ.

Teriyaki salmon steaks

Basically we got there at 12.30 and ate pretty much non-stop till about 6, absolutely stuffed full of champagne and seemingly endless food – both from the BBQ pit, as well as gorgeously fresh and delicious salads.

Rocket and feta salad

On the menu of the day: tender lamb chops (D says that he still dreams of them), teriyaki salmon steaks, marinaded chicken drumsticks (my favourite of the day, and also apparently of the resident wasps!), thick pork sausages, prawns and steak. Salad-wise there was a fresh rocket with feta salad, boiled rosemary potatoes, cherry tomato salad with pesto dressing, coleslaw, and a whipped smoked salmon dip. And for dessert, home-made white chocolate panna cotta with a strawberry coulis.

Home made white chocolate panna cotta with strawberry coulis

Gosh just reliving that day makes my tummy hurt but always, always, with an enormous grin.

And to think they are hosting Christmas lunch at their place this year. Wish we weren’t 9,500 miles away and could be part of that feast – there was turkey, ham AND goose mentioned !!

And so our short visit to the UK ended shortly after, and D and I were on our way to Italy….

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